Sales Leadership Lesson #3 from the Movie “Elf”

Blindspots insight #3 – More rewards than you could imagine

The beautiful thing about dealing with your blindspots is there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a rewarding, fulfilling life that you’ve barely imagined. All from being a better version of yourself.

In the movie “Elf” starring Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf and James Caan as his father, Caan is surprised one Christmas when Buddy shows up and tells him that he is Buddy’s father. After first denying it, Caan accepts it but keeps Buddy at a distance.

Eventually Caan is pressured by his wife and son to take Buddy into their home.  Buddy is a train wreck with everything he does.  He unwittingly sabotages Caan’s business meetings. One day Buddy’s antics destroy a big meeting that Caan needed to salvage his year and keep his job.  He screams at Buddy and says he never wants to see him again. Buddy leaves.

Now it’s Christmas eve. And Caan is called in by his boss for a last ditch effort to save his job.

Caan has an epiphany in the middle of this presentation.  He sees his blindspots.  He feels remorse about his nasty feelings about Buddy.  He knows he’s let his wife and son down.  He finds the courage to walk away, and goes and looks for Buddy.  He gets fired.  He eventually finds Buddy and they emotionally reunite.

But wait – there’s more!

With his newly discovered perspective on life Caan writes and publishes a children’s book about Buddy the Elf and it becomes a smash hit!  His career is saved, and then some!

This is pure Hollywood, but I can testify that it’s mainstream USA too.  When you confront your blindspots, be prepared for greater things to happen in your life.  Things you never imagined could happen.  Confronting your blindspots is like the Beverly Hillbillies finding “black gold” on their property, or like Caan getting fired and then writing a best-selling book.  Your newfound wealth could very well be of the monetary type, but that’s likely to be the undercard.  The main event when you confront your blindspots is you being released from a prison of attitudes and selfishness and scarcity that has held you hostage.  Your influence on the people you lead and everyone you come in contact with has profoundly changed.  People will seek you out.  You’ve suffered your way to wisdom.  You are now more valuable than you were before.


Good Selling,


Mark Sellers

Author, Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching, and The Funnel Principle: What Every Salesperson Must Know About Selling

Creator of the BuyCycle Funnel customer buying journey sales model, the most time tested, proven customer buying journey model on the market

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